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Tastefully designed with vibrant orange and a warm peach glow, Chopstix Avoca Beach Modern Chinese Fusion captures the attention of customers immediately, making them feel stimulated yet right at home. In fact, aesthetic touches are felt everywhere in the restaurant, from the decorative Chinese artwork to white tablecloth, orange napkin and black chopsticks with the restaurant’s name on. Chopstix Avoca Beach Modern Chinese Fusion also makes for a great date destination, as the surroundings are sated with soft, subdued lights and soothing music. What’s more, customers can enjoy marvelous water views while dining.

Upholding the tenet of “Customer is King”, the management and their staff try their best to make each customer’s experience a great one and cater for every to the fullest. “Know your customers and then do your best to satisfy their needs. By doing so you’ll be able to offer a higher standard of service”, says owner Amy Wong.